June 23 - 25, 2017

Lincoln Woodstock, New Hampshire – the “Basecamp” of the White Mountains

Weekend Events

Saturday Night: ON TAP

Tickets for the signature event of the New England Brewfest weekend, “Saturday Night: ON TAP”, will go on sale in April 2017.


The Ultimate Craft Beer Weekend

The weekend of June 23-25 2017 beer geeks of all flavors can experience craft beer New Hampshire style by attending “The Ultimate Craft Beer Weekend” a unique blend of beer-infused social events, educational non-workshops, and of course, the “New England Brewfest, Saturday Night: ON TAP”.

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Saturday Night: ON TAP at the New England Brewfest

What's On Tap

Find out what amazing craft beers will be available during Saturday Night:  ON TAP at the New England Brewfest.

What's the entertainment?

Check out the entertainment lineup for Saturday Night: ON TAP at the New England Brewfest.

What can I expect?

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What's on the schedule for 2017?

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